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Tax, Accounting & Payroll done with the optimum knowledge, Excellence, Trust, Integrity and Privacy. Our Mission is to provide clients with personalized Tax accounting and Consulting Services.

At My Tax Team, Inc. we specialize in accounting, tax, payroll and financial planning for individuals and businesses. We are not only an Accounting firm, but a full tax and financial planning firm backed by a certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over two decades of corporate experience.

My Tax Team, Inc. is actualizing the neoteric Tax, Payroll, Bookkeeping, and Accounting Standards with its employee excelling at par excellence. We are contributing to the Greater Good of finance and accounting fields all across the USA. The excellence of our services is unparalleled and admirable.

The Owners and the Founders of My Tax Team, Inc., Saqib Shekha and Asad Kothari, initiated this excellent venture back in 2008 under some other business name. To achieve the primacy My Tax Team, Inc. is at today, it took more than 15 good years of effort, professionalism, sticking to the standard code of conduct, and neoteric approaches.

The Owner and the Partners, Mr. Shekha and Mr. Kothari, took the responsibility for the furtherance of Success and Excellence pertaining to Payroll, Accounting, Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping Services primarily in Texas, Dallas. Today, our clients tell the story of our success. The project we deliver at My Tax Team, Inc., brings us closer to Optimum Services.

The efficacy of service we are servicing at My Tax Team, Inc. is vested on two major grounds: Legit Compliance and Customization. It is our priority to adhere to every legit regulation to prevent our Client from paying extra when it comes to Tax, Payroll, or Bookkeeping.

We also adhere to Custom Services for our clients. We maneuver our service as per what our clients are expecting from us. Custom Payroll Services, Custom Bookkeeping, and whatnot are our priority and we entertain our clients with nothing but the best.

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