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Tax planning for today and tomorrow

Every year, the tax code changes, affecting income tax rates, exemptions and deductions, money withdrawals and transfers, and other aspects of your financial strategy. While everyone wants to lower their tax burden daily and monthly, My Tax Team’s objective is to develop tax planning techniques that allow you to maximize your current income while also preserving your collected wealth.

Leverage Our Tax Planning Expertise

My Tax Team provides customized tax planning and preparation services tailored for small businesses and individuals. Our experienced CPAs become an extension of your team to manage your tax situation proactively. We offer personalized tax planning strategies to minimize tax liability, consulting on critical business decisions to optimize tax benefits, ongoing tax advice and adjustments as tax laws evolve, preparation and filing of business and personal tax returns, and representation in case of an audit. With My Tax Team as your tax partner, you can confidently make business decisions knowing we have your tax picture in focus.

Let My Tax Team handle your tax preparation and create customized strategies such as choosing the optimal business structure, maximizing deductions and tax credits, setting up payroll tax processes, planning for future expansion and exit, and managing personal vs. business taxes.

Tax Planning Expertise in Dallas
Tax Preparation and Planning Services in Dallas

Tax Preparation and Planning for Small Business

As a small business owner, tax planning is crucial but time-consuming. Let My Tax Team handle your tax preparation and create customised strategies such as:

  • Choosing the optimal business structure
  • Maximizing deductions and tax credits
  • Setting up payroll tax processes
  • Planning for future expansion and exit
  • Managing personal vs. business taxes

With our small business tax expertise, you get strategic tax preparation and planning that saves you money.

Tax Planning Services

Personal Tax Planning
We create customized personal tax strategies to minimize your liability. Our CPAs stay up-to-date on changing tax laws to optimize your situation.
Business Tax Planning
We help businesses maximize deductions, credits, and other tax benefits through proactive planning. Our advisors help you make strategic decisions with taxes in mind.
Retirement Tax Planning
From IRAs to 401ks, we help plan retirement fund contributions and withdrawals to reduce your lifetime tax burden. Let us ensure your nest egg goes further.
Estate and Gift Tax Planning
We develop legacy plans for passing on your assets while minimizing estate taxes. Our CPAs help protect your life’s work and provide for heirs.
Corporate Tax Planning
For corporations, we model the tax impact of investments, financing, compensation, mergers and more to optimize your tax liability.
International Tax Planning
With global business operations, we help structure your entities, assets and flows to reduce international tax exposure. Our CPAs know global tax codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We prepare personal returns (1040, 1040A, 1040EZ) and business returns (1120, 1120S, 1065, etc.). Let us know all your filling needs!

We can develop legacy and succession plans to minimize estate taxes and ensure smooth transitions of your assets.

Yes, our CPAs can provide audit support, including documentation, IRS appeals if needed, and negotiation of settlements.

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Payroll Services We Offer

Payroll Processing

We are proffering Payroll Processing Services for our clients across the USA. Our Payroll Processing Services stand by the neoteric payroll approaches.

Compliance with the state

We are well-adhered with our Payroll Services. Our payroll services include all the legit regulations rendered by the respective state we are working in.

Payroll Taxes

We are equally efficient at Payroll Taxes as well. Our payroll experts and Tax experts work mutually to devise the most effective Payroll Tax manifestation for our clients.


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Inland Revenue

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