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Get professional small business tax preparation from My Tax Team’s experienced CPAs.

My Tax Team provides meticulous, customized tax services for small businesses. Our CPAs stay up-to-date on the latest tax codes so you can focus on your business.

Partner with us for timely, accurate tax returns that minimize your liability. Our expertise maximizes deductions so you keep more profits. Small business taxes can be complex. Don’t risk errors or missed deductions – leave your taxes to the pros at My Tax Team. Our CPAs utilize the latest software to prepare complete, compliant returns.

We also provide tax planning and advice to reduce your tax obligations legally. Please schedule a consultation today to have our knowledgeable CPAs review your finances. We work with businesses of all sizes to file taxes on time and put more money in your pocket.

IRS Tax Audit Representation Services

Don’t face an IRS audit alone. My Tax Team provides experienced audit representation. Receiving an IRS audit notice can be intimidating. My Tax Team’s CPAs have successfully represented numerous clients undergoing IRS audits.

Partner with our knowledgeable audit representatives to protect your rights as a taxpayer. We negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to minimize penalties and interest charges. The IRS holds the home-field advantage during audits. With My Tax Team as your audit representative, you can breathe easier knowing your taxes are in capable hands. Our CPAs thoroughly examine your finances to uncover overlooked deductions to reduce liability.

Don’t go solo against the IRS juggernaut. Contact My Tax Team as soon as you receive an audit notice. We will expertly handle all IRS correspondence and audits. With our audit pros protecting your rights, you get the best possible tax outcome.

Tax Audit Services in Dallas
Self Employment Taxes

Self-Employment Tax

Get help lowering your self-employment taxes from My Tax Team’s expert CPAs.

Running your own business comes with paying self-employment taxes. My Tax Team specializes in maximizing deductions to reduce your taxable self-employment income.

Our CPAs know IRS rules regarding self-employment tax calculations, deductions, and Schedule C. We ensure you don’t pay more than your fair share.

Tracking expenses and preparing self-employment taxes is time-consuming. With My Tax Team as your partner, you can be confident experts handling your taxes.

Contact us to schedule a consultation today. We’ll review your finances and find all applicable deductions to lower your tax burden. We aim to simplify self-employment taxes so you keep more of your earnings.

Tax Solutions for Real Estate

Get customized real estate tax solutions from My Tax Team’s expert CPAs.

Owning investment properties comes with complex tax situations. My Tax Team specializes in taxes for real estate investors. Our CPAs are highly experienced in rental income/expenses, depreciation, passive losses, 1031 exchanges, and IRS compliance for property owners.

Tracking income on multiple properties while maximizing deductions is challenging. With My Tax Team, real estate investors get tailored tax planning and preparation. Contact us for significant tax savings on your rental properties and investments. We help owners and landlords handle real estate taxes efficiently.

Real Estate Tax Solutions

Get the Best Tax Planning Service in Dallas

Get proactive, customized tax planning from My Tax Team’s expert Dallas CPAs.

Navigating complex, ever-changing tax codes is challenging. My Tax Team provides comprehensive tax planning tailored to your situation. Our Dallas CPAs take a holistic view of your finances to build optimized strategies minimizing your tax obligations.

With strategic planning, we help legally reduce your tax liabilities now and in the future. Our tax expertise covers investments, retirement, estate planning, and more. Contact us to schedule a consultation and start on the path to tax savings. Our CPAs stay updated on the latest IRS rules to maximize deductions for exceptional tax planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

The IRS is issuing refunds within 21 days for electronically filed tax returns with no issues. Paper-filed returns take up to 6 weeks or more to process.

If you filed your tax return electronically, you can expect to receive your tax refund within 21 calendar days after the IRS has approved your return. The IRS issues most refunds via direct deposit.

The self-employment tax rate is 15.3% of your total net earnings from self-employment. This tax covers the employer and employee share of Social Security and Medicare taxes for self-employed people.

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Tax Return Services

We are dealing in Tax Return Services for Small Businesses, Larger Enterprises, and Businesses of miscellaneous domains. Our service stands validated for them all.

Business Tax Preparation

Business Tax Preparation is a hectic job and we have found the solutions to make it as smooth as possible. Get benefit for our professional experience for Business Tax Preparation.

Tax Planning

We have the time-tested Tax Planners at our disposal to assist our clients. So that we come up with the best solutions possible to tackle the tax preparations.

Tax Return Preparation

We have vast experience regarding Tax Return Preparation for our clients pertaining to smaller businesses and larger enterprises.

Tax & Accounting

We deal effectively and come up with solutions our clients direly need regarding Tax and Accounting for their business requirements. We fulfill their needs at par excellence.


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