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How Soon Will I Get my Tax Refund 2022?

If you’re like most individuals, tax season is a nightmare. If you’re anticipating a tax return, on the other hand, you could have something to look forward to. Most individuals receive their tax refund within three weeks after filing. However, this depends on filing and accepting the tax return services. Let’s look at the return timetable and how long the IRS takes to process refunds.

The speed with which you get your tax refund is determined by how and when you submit your return, the quality of the information you provide on your return, and how you choose to receive your refund. Your refund might arrive in as little as 21 days.

Schedule of Tax Refunds (2021 Tax Year)

The 2022 tax filing season began on Jan. 24, with processed returns for the 2021 tax year. To do so, obtain identification and a W-2 statement from your employment and additional income documents such as 1099 forms.

You must pick between filing separate returns and filing a combined return if you’re married. You’ll also need to determine whether you’ll take your return to a professional preparer for tax preparation services or file it yourself utilizing tax software.

The IRS will analyze your return once you have filed it and approve or reject it. If your return is accepted and a refund is due, you should receive it within a few weeks. If your return is denied, the IRS will inform you and instruct you on how to proceed with rectifying it.

How much time does it take to refund tax?

Many Americans anticipate receiving their tax return each year to assist them in making critical financial decisions, and you may be wondering when yours will arrive. The amount of time it takes to get your tax refund 2022 depends on several factors, including when and how you complete your tax return.

According to the IRS, the best approach to minimize delays in receiving your tax refund is to complete an accurate tax return using e-file software and choose direct deposit as your payment method. 

How Long Does the IRS Take to Approve a Refund?

According to the IRS, most returns are reviewed and approved within a few days of receipt, and most refunds are issued within 21 days of receipt.

If you filed your return weeks ago and have yet to get it, there might be various causes for the delay. Simple math mistakes, erroneous or missing information, and missing signatures or attachments are typical reasons for tax refund delays.

Tax returns that contain problems relating to the third stimulus check, which was issued in early 2021, and returns that lack information or have been identified as suspected fraud or theft, might be delayed for up to 90 days.

Interruption in Tax Refunds?

Due to the backlog of returns created by the COVID-19 outbreak, many taxpayers had to wait longer than the average 21 days — some as long as eight weeks — to collect their refunds last year. Many tax experts predict that some refunds may be delayed this year, and some need to go for income tax services by any CPA company.

Tax Refund Status and Tracking:

You’ll need the following information to utilize this tool:

  • Your Social Security or ITIN number
  • Your filing status
  • The amount of your return

From 24 hours after your e-file to four weeks after you mail your return, the tool may inform you of the progress of your refund. Every day, generally overnight, the system is updated.

You may also verify the status of your tax return services by calling the IRS My Tax Team. Be advised that the number of calls to IRS representatives is at an all-time high, and the IRS suggests waiting until 21 days after you e-file or four weeks after you submit your return before calling.

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